A Look Back at the Collections of 2021

Who doesn’t love a good looking back post? Sometimes stepping back to reflect provides fresh insights and an opportunity to reinvigorate and inspire.

A major highlight from 2021 is our collaboration with world renowned and talented Interior Designer, Joan Behnke. Sweeping organic designs and multi-faceted tufted textures with Joan Behnke’s signature style was the end result of months of phone and Zoom design meetings and textural prototyping. Our team from Grand Rapids, Michigan were thrilled to present the world with the Joan Behnke Collection in Autumn 2021.

Hand-knotting techniques often result in the world’s most luxurious carpets and Pintura’s intricately layered patterns, designed in a palette of lush and saturated hues, is expertly knotted by our artisan friends in Nepal. Our final collection of 2021 will delightfully enact your senses of sight and touch with its vibrant pattern and color placement and fine fibers.

Boundless is our Michigan made hand-tufted achievement to articulate to the designer that designing a custom rug is limitless. Not only will we match color and help you create a bespoke design, shape of rug is another variable to your finest rug creation. Find inspiration in one of these three bold new shaped rugs we introduced in April of 2021.

In the middle of the year we added a series of artistic new handwoven rugs to our Flatweaves by Hokanson collection. These designs speak to the laid-back and natural aesthetic but absolutely carry an air of luxury.

Our Scott Group Studio team is proud of what we accomplished in 2021 and we’re even more excited for what we plan to share with you in 2022. Scroll down for wrap ups and photos from each residential product introduction from last year.


Inspired by an abstract interpretation of our natural environment, the Joan Behnke Collection translates elements influenced by nature, a love of art and sculpture and Joan’s personal life experiences, into dimensional, unique and beautiful rug designs.

Boundless Collection

There’s something compelling about being unrestricted by boundaries—like the gratification of coloring outside the lines, or the efficacy of thinking outside the box.

Custom can be any shape or size you want and need it to be. Imagine the boundless possibilities. Let’s get started.


Pintura, meaning, “painting,” captures the free and fluid spirit of the strokes and marks created by a brush. These designs juxtapose structured pattern layered with the fluid transparency of organic elements, resulting in a lively hand-knotted celebration of color, artistic craft and playful pattern.


The influence of organic elements has become more prevalent in space design. Materials that are cultivated naturally can be more durable and potentially more environmentally responsible. Most importantly, they have the ability to enhance our quality of life, productivity and overall well-being. Made to order in any custom color, flatweaves are a perfect way to add an element of personality into any space — modern or traditional. Using 100% pure wool, handwoven techniques, and classic patterns, our flatweave rugs are derived from an old world woven aesthetic and exude a sense of warmth, originality and harmony. These utilitarian and intricate pieces speak to a nature meets man-made aesthetic.