August | Safari

50 Patterns | 50 Years

Who doesn’t love a good animal print? This month we’re taking you on a virtual Safari with Scott Group Studio by showcasing a few of our favorite animal print patterns from the last 50 years and sharing the secret to finding more designed by us.

Want in on another secret? Custom is our specialty and we can customize any pattern you see below, on our Product Library, or the carpet of your dreams to get it PERFECT for your project. Before we start customizing, Meet Aasifa, Zaidi, and Boulder the 50 Patterns | 50 Years patterns of August.

“Nature may have intended to camouflage the coats of cheetahs, leopards and lions to blend in on the Serengeti but for our environments, these patterns are meant to attract! Distinctive animal inspired designs are fierce and fabulous — a true call of the wild.”

— 50 Patterns | 50 Years Brochure

Distinctive animal inspired designs are fierce and fabulous.

This muted tiger print we’ve named Aasifa is a hand tufted Hokanson design and one of our favorite animal prints we’ve created. It would look fabulous on a staircase, in a library or even meandering down the aisle of an aircraft.

Zaidi, a Hokanson hand-tufted cut and loop is a subtle leopard print. In this rendition, we love the faintly grayish blue background juxtaposed against the white and beige spots.

The subtlest of the three, Boulder is an inspired take on a giraffe print. If you looks closely, you’ll notice there’s a subtle underlay of pattern beneath the pattern. Customize your carpet by playing up or down the contrast of the underlay design to create one striking rug.

For more bold animal print patterns and inspiration jump over to our Product Library where you can sort your search by pattern, style, color, and fiber. Currently showcasing 30 animal printed patterns and counting!