Billy Cotton

A Collection from Scott Group Custom Carpets

Meet Billy Cotton. Admittedly not a trained textile designer – at least not until he met Scott Group Studio. An industrial furniture designer by trade, Billy Cotton prides himself on serving as a multi-disciplinary American designer known for his intelligent approach to space and unique sensibility creating not only dynamic interiors but the artifacts within.

Billy Cotton’s partnership with Scott Group Studio started with his trip to our mill and headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here, Billy was immersed in the intense artisan world of rug design and hand-tufting. With a passion for all-things made in America and his love affair with beautiful, authentic design, the journey began to explore a collection of his own.

The Billy Cotton Collection is a curated story of an exceptional collaboration between Billy and the Scott Group Studio design team. It’s a journey of translating Billy’s vision of inspiration, traditional-meets-contemporary, unique materiality and play all into a bespoke rug story.

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The process of creating the collection was a true meeting of the minds between Billy and Scott Group Studio – both as artisans and collaborators. For the team to approach the project from Billy’s point of view, it was as if the team was learning a new group design language. It was an exercise of translating both extreme traditional and contemporary concepts while identifying and marrying together key design tropes that Billy thought of in terms of textiles and design. The result – a thoughtful story of vision, elegance and intricacy told through fibers, texture and tones.

HibiscusThere seems to be an instant joy when incorporating floral into one’s home. Designer giants such as Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler influenced Billy’s approach to space with the idea that decoration of a room should be, “well-behaved with the freedom from too many rules,” attitude. And, at the core, an extension of the owner’s personality. Hibiscus evokes a sense of fun, brightness and cheer while also paying homage to two of Billy’s design heroes.


For Billy, everything starts with the square. It’s about getting perfect geometry to feel good, to feel dynamic. From there, he begins to work outside of the box. Tracery is a pattern created with this idea in mind – starting within the box and then expanding outside the form.


Billy has always had an affinity for a tortoise motif. Authentic, English artifacts that use tortoise shell materiality brought inspiration to the design table. Emulating authentic tones and shapes while using luxurious silk fibers makes Tortoise Shell an indulgent product of a time-honored era.


Moved by Billy’s time spent in Michigan, Kenar is a pattern that can be viewed as understated yet regal. It’s classic application and nod to a 1930s era of elegance sums up this meandering border pattern in play.


Adopting a Bauhaus approach to design, which translates to “construction house”, Billy Cotton applied this movement’s basic principles to his own work. Concepts such as finding order within confusion and using geometry as a foundation to design aided in the creation of Tracery. Organized and methodical, Tracery offers perfect symmetry and sequence to space.


With the desire to add a bit of contemporary flare to the collection, Kado provides a bold, Asian-inspired modern shape that connects back to traditional elements. The substantial sphere is softened with organic pattern movement. A fresh combination of both worlds.


For Billy, life’s most important factors include community, integrity, authenticity and originality. And, the collaboration between Billy Cotton and Scott Group Studio has embodied these elements. The team at Scott Group Studio has become an extension of Billy’s team. Ideas are abundant and the ability to approach design where “anything is possible” is a place where Billy wants to play. With his newfound partnership and collection with Scott Group Studio, imagination and creativity will continue to push the boundaries yielding one-of-a-kind impossibly beautiful creations.

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