A Larry Hokanson Collection

Drawing from his love of Russian history and travel,“Istorii: A Larry Hokanson Collection” is personal. Istorii, meaning “stories” in Russian, captures Larry’s life journey articulated through eight expressive patterns and vibrant hues. Inspired by memorable events, such as attending one of Russia’s most opulent galas to spending time in his family’s Wisconsin vacation home, Istorii captures Larry’s signature style, globe-trotting adventures, and passion for international design. Istorii offers depth, beauty, and warmth in a thoughtful and design-forward way.

The Hokanson brand’s breadth of global influence and distinctive design continues to gain attention from both residential and commercial designers. Istorii is a climactic example of how Larry’s thoughtful and transformational approach to design can be shared with all. Enjoy and explore this collection—Larry Hokanson’s own personal Istorii.

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