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Inspired by an abstract interpretation of our natural environment, the Joan Behnke Collection translates elements influenced by nature, a love of art and sculpture and Joan’s personal life experiences, into dimensional, unique and beautiful rug designs.

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“I wanted to create a line of carpets that is like an abstract representation of our natural environment. The palette represents a layering of earthy textures and neutral colors in patterns that randomly intersect, as one might witness in nature. Perhaps the colors selected for the designs are from a west coast perspective where I live and work, which speaks to the abundance of sun-drenched light and allows for the use of brighter colors to be introduced on different materials throughout the space other than the floor. The abstract interpretation of the carpets is also undoubtedly influenced by my love of art and sculpture – like so many artists I respect, what greater inspiration is there than the detail and surprising elements that come from what we behold on closer inspection of a leaf…the flow of water…or a rock.” 


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