Amber + Onyx

Color Pairing

Yellows are pulling me in lately. Mustard, Marigold, Butter, Flaxen — while pulling pairs of color together for upcoming months of this series I started seeing a theme of yellow emerging. (Even our new flatweave collection contains a sunny yellow option.) The pairing of Amber and Onyx was my favorite though and the sketches Raleigh and Jamie from our rendering team created in response to the inspiration given blew me away.

Amber and Onyx — both gemstones — represent the sun and night sky respectively. Amber — fossilized tree resin — is said to attract good luck and positive energies. Onyx is believed to symbolize initiation and change. Perhaps this is why I’m so drawn to the combination of these two colors? We hope you feel inspired by Amber and Onyx. Or, let us help you create a custom carpet in a color combination that sings to you.

Amber and Onyx represent the sun & night sky.