Lilac + Straw

Color Pairing: Lilac + Straw

This month’s Color Pairing was selected and created entirely of patterns from our Color Visualizer. If you haven’t yet visited that corner of our website we suggest you hurry over to re-color one – or more – of over one hundred Scott Group Studio patterns.

Beginning with our one hundred and fifty hue pom box, I selected Lilac and Straw because their pairing brings me a springtime joy. Slightly youthful and fresh while also sophisticated. Some shades of purple are said to have calming effects over the mind and nerves, and can be uplifting and trigger creativity. I’ve got to believe Lilac falls into that category. Straw pairs well with Lilac to bring a down to Earth quality to the regalness of this slightly gray purple. 

Without further fanfare, here are a few patterns rendered in schemes or Lilac and Straw to usher in and inspire a season of fresh florals and planting.

Renderings shown:








For more Lilac and Straw inspiration, visit our Product Library and search by color or our Color Visualizer to create your own masterpiece.