December | Deco the Halls

50 Patterns | 50 Years

Tis the season for an abundance of pattern and brightness. Like a strand of twinkly holiday lights the patterns from our 50 Patterns | 50 Years collection that we’ve selected for December will add warmth and flair to a space. Read on to learn a little more about Kahn, Fiore, Zeno, Palmori and Ira and feel free to reach out to our sales team if you’d like to order one as is, or with an inspired change. When it comes to our custom carpets, the possibilities are nearly endless.

“Elegance and decadence. Characterized by smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms and bright, sometimes garish colors, the Art Deco style brings pure distinction to any space. Always unapologetic about making a big statement.”

— 50 Patterns | 50 Years Brochure

Zeno, a hand-tufted Hokanson design, brings a fun textural element to its design. Try the higher level of cut pile in a bright color for a playful punch.

Adding a dose of brightness, like the star in the December night, Fiore shines in gold. It’s perhaps the truest deco pattern in this bunch.

The Art Deco style brings pure distinction to any space.

Ira is a geometric hand-tufted Hokanson design that resembles an antique tile. The silk detail added to the design in the black squares and delicate gold outline leaves a lasting luxurious appeal.

For an Art Deco inspired design scaled to a large degree try Kahn. The soft cut pile in a warm wintery colorway makes a perfect fit for this collection.

Last but not least, Palmori is a tonal and textural design shown here in a winter white with higher tufts for cut pile that slightly resemble snowballs.

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