Designer Spotlight | Missy Strear – Design Director, Scott Group Studio

Our in house Design Director, Missy Strear delighted our Marketing team with an interview. Read on to learn a little more about what inspires the ultra talented leader of our design department.

Watch the video of the interview on our IGTV channel.

Who is your favorite artist?

Ben Strear. My favorite artist is my husband, Ben Strear. He creates wood sculptures that are micro-carved with intricately woven patterns. One of my favorite pieces of his is called rippled form” and it currently resides in the permanent collection of the Columbus Museum in Georgia. If you’re in Georgia and in the vicinity of this museum, I highly recommend going to see this piece.

When Does a house become a home?

A home, to me, is a physical structure that meets you physiological needs.  When a house meets your physiological needs – your needs for belonging and emotional safety – then it becomes a home. To me, a home is just a space that allows you to express your individuality.

What is your favorite thing to decorate with?

Plants. My favorite thing to decorate with are plants. Plants are a great way to zhuzh up your space. They’re also an easy way to add color and texture not just with the plant, but also with the pots that contain them. Quick tip – the darker the leaf, the less light the plant requires.

What is your personal mantra?

My personal mantra is to live life without regrets, work hard, and just be nice.

What are your three favorite instagram accounts of the moment?

1-  The gray, pointillism tattoos of Axel Ejsmont. https://www.instagram.com/axelejsmont/

2-  The dramatic fashion of the vanilla issue. https://www.instagram.com/thevanillaissue/

3-  Doan Ly’s dreamy still life creations and use of color. https://www.instagram.com/doan_ly/

What is your favorite scent?

Chocolate chip cookies. My favorite scent, hands down, is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

What is your favorite Scott group studio pattern?

Talus. I adore Talus from the PWV Nadarra Collection. I find this collection to be brilliant. PWV utilizes the natural colors from sheep’s wool to produce a really refined texture with amazing, unique character. It reminds me a bit of the unique patterns that you would find on the feathers of a snow owl.

What I love most about Scott Group Studio is our sophisticated textures. We use innovative production techniques to create textures with incredible depth and complexity. I think Jordan Cut Pile is another one of my favorites. Especially in a luxe white and black wool with a hint of white silk – because why not? we all deserve a little silk, right? It’s such a versatile timeless pattern that reminds me of a Chanel jacket. Do yourself a favor and order this carpet.

Thank you, Missy, for giving us time for this interview and allowing us all to learn a little more about what inspires you.