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Designer Spotlight | Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs

Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs was kind enough to give us an interview for our brand new Designer Spotlight series. Read on to learn a little more about what inspires this talented Houston area Interior Designer.

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What Is one destination where every designer should travel?

France. There is no more elegant country on earth.  The French simply care about style in everything they do. Even the butchers lay the chickens out beautifully in the window.





What is the last book you read?

I have really gotten into audiobooks and I adore books by English and Australian writers, like Lisa Jewell and Liane Moriarty.  One reason I love them is they pick really great narrators with fabulous accents.




Favorite junk food? 

I was going to say Cheetos are surprisingly delicious but my design assistant told me I should say cake.  While I don’t really consider cake a junk food, she was right that I sure do take a lot of photos of cakes.



Are there any creative projects you’re working on outside of work?My father in law is building a cabin in a little summer fishing village in Alaska.  I try to do my part by providing selections for appliance, plumbing and lighting fixtures.



Where do you pull inspiration? 

Travel.  I love to walk around cities, the countryside, ports and neighborhoods and notice architectural details like a beautiful door knob, an old rusting anchor, lovely tile work, etc.  I take lots of inspiration photos like that.  Once I designed a powder room based on Pompeii because I had just gone to an exhibit at the museum.  Luckily, I bought a book in the museum shop because we used it when we designed the murals.



What is one interior design trend you’d like to see go away?So many black and white contemporary houses.  I feel like architects and builders are building the same house over and over again right now, at least where I live in Houston, Texas.  We’ve had a lot of fun starting with a builder black and white palette and infusing it with color and personality.

Pamela O'Brien Inspired Collection

Although a white rug may not work for everyone, I think Kalika is just beautiful.  I love the mix of warm and cool light neutral tones and the elegant overlay design.  Plus, wool rugs are easier to live with than people think.


I can see Fiore as a gorgeous addition to a light or medium wood floor.  The graphic design with traditional origins is fresh and the mix of colors is funky and fun.  This would make any room Insta-worthy!


Pandara Oxford has a hip yet classic feel.  I love the dark, preppy colors combined with the asymmetric geometric overlay.  I’d put this in a teenage boy’s room or a moody media room or lounge area.


Ombre Transition brings the party.  I’d love to see this in a peppy home office or a dressing room.  Shown in the mix of magenta, pink and red, it’s so fresh and fun.  I can’t help but smile when looking at it.