November | Cozy

50 Patterns | 50 Years

We begin this month with trees ablaze with color and in 30 days time, they will be bare and possibly blanketed in freshly fallen snow. It’s one of the most magical months of change — and cozy comfort — on the Michigan calendar. It’s the time of year that brings out the layers of color and clothing and has you reaching for that later in the day extra cup of coffee, the one you drink simply for comfort. Ovens are on more frequently, warming our kitchens, as we kick off a season full of cooking and baking. There’s a deliciously comforting feeling when hibernation mode starts to sink in.

We’ve rounded up a few of our coziest patterns from our 50 Patterns | 50 Years collection to share with you below. Read on to learn a little more about Agustus, BotaVino, Awani, Baria, and Cambrian and feel free to reach out to our sales team if you’d like to order one as is, or with any custom ultra luxe and cozy tweak you can dream up. (Higher pile or cashmere perhaps?)

“Curled up in your favorite chair in a chunky cardigan, partnered with an ultra-soft cable-knit throw and a warm cup of chamomile tea makes for the perfect cozy setting. Neutral tones and the softest of fibers, like cashmere and silk, create a sense of calm and contentment.”

— 50 Patterns | 50 Years Brochure

Neutral tones and the softest of fibers create a sense of calm and contentment.

The Baria pattern by Scott Group Custom Carpets was created to represent an oversized whirlwind. The large scale of the repeat creates a beautiful meandering pattern — which looks especially lovely in the cabin of an aircraft.

Our Cambrian pattern originates from our Basho collection and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Awani, from the Scott Group Custom Carpets Turas Collection, is highly textural with a soft hand. The pattern appears to be a standard texture from up close, but when standing back you can see linear detail in the design.

Last but not least, BotaVino is a hand-tufted texture from the Scott Group Custom Carpets Terra collection. The cut pile design has a hazy punctuated feel, like a foggy November day.

For more cozy patterns and inspiration hop over to our Virtual Sample Library where you can sort your search by pattern, style, color, and fiber. Currently showcasing 655 textural cozy designs and climbing!