What We're Made Of


To some, sustainability is a new way of doing business. At Scott Group it’s what we’ve always done.

The fibers used in our handcrafted, luxury rugs and carpets are not only some of nature’s most perfect materials, they are some of its most rapidly renewable too. In fact, Scott Group Custom Carpets has earned CRI’s prestigious Green Label Plus qualification for indoor air quality, recognizing our carpets among the very lowest emitting products on the market and meeting the EQ standards for LEED certification.


Considered the finest sheep’s wool in the world, this fiber offers beauty, warmth, and durability along with the remarkable benefits of being easy to clean, fire-resistant, and able to remove contaminants from the air.


Legendary softness and warmth are the hallmarks of this pure luxury fiber. Harvested from the downy undercoat of the cashmere goat, cashmere adds an incomparable cushioning sensation to every step.


The Ultimate Oooh Factor. Valued for over 5,000 years, silk is derived from the cocoons of mulberry-fed silkworms. Known for its natural sheen, lightness, and warmth, silk is also the strongest natural fiber in the world.

Scott Group Custom Carpets Sustainability