SGS 101 | Hybrids

In this series we will explore terms and processes that are used in design and construction phases at Scott Group Studio to provide you with valuable knowledge for your custom carpet order. This is SGS 101. Read on to learn a little more about “hybrids.”

What is a “Hybrid?”

Machine Made + Hand-tufted = Hybrid

At Scott Group Studio, the term “Hybrid” represents the combination of a machine made base – or what we call a “blanket” – completed with a hand-tufted overtuft applied on a frame with a tufting gun.

Can Hybrids be custom?

Sure they can! If you have a custom carpet design in mind our designers will work with you to adapt that pattern for a Hybrid overtuft construction. Or, perhaps you have your eye on an existing SGS pattern.

However, if time is of the essence try an exact match from our newly launched Hybrid Quickship collection, Imprint. As is, these patterns are constructed with in stock yarns and colorways and are ready to ship in 4 weeks.

Hybrid Quickship? Is that different from Hybrid?

It is! We’ve taken the concept of our Quickship Handmade Collection – developed using in stock yarns – to bring our customers custom product options available in an expedited time frame, and applied it to Hybrid. Hybrid Quickship is currently 8 samples, with more options rolling out over time.

Are Hybrid patterns created with specific fibers?

Typically, Hybrids are created with a 100% wool machine made base, but some blanket constructions can accommodate silk.

For the overtuft most fibers are in play. Learn more about our fibers here.

Can color be customized for Hybrid patterns?

Certainly! For standard Hybrid products we live for custom creations and we’d be happy to custom dye yarn to perfectly coordinate with your project.

However, with our Hybrid Quickship, ordering from the Imprint Collection AS SHOWN is the only way to receive your products in the 4 week lead time.

Jump over and spend some color design time in our color visualizer for a jolt of inspiration.

How quickly will my Hybrid carpet ship?

Standard Hybrid patterns ship in about 8 weeks. TheĀ 8 new patterns from our recently launched Hybrid Quickship Imprint Collection ship in 4 weeks. Custom colorations and patterns can take longer.

Send us a message or give us a call to learn more about our Hybrids, see samples, or get started with the custom order process.