Reducing waste and the use of harmful chemicals has become an integral part of a company’s success. There are stories of companies whose disregard for environmental concerns eventually lead to large public relations issues. Whether it was due to the misuse of resources or causing damage to the environment, as our natural resources continue to dwindle, protecting and conserving the environment not only makes sense, but it is an investment into any company.

We want our customers to hold us to high standards when it comes to sustainability. For over 50 years, Scott Group Studio has operated under a goal to reduce our impact on the environment through our production processes. Identifying as a sustainable company helps propel us into the future and secure longevity.

The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.

Natural Materials

Wool is one of the main materials used to create carpets, and Scott Group Studio wants to invest in the best product we can find, which is why most of our wool is sourced from New Zealand. The sheep located in New Zealand are raised at altitudes higher than usual and feed on vegetation that results in wool that is longer and more soft than other sheep raised elsewhere. Once the sheep’s wool is sheared, over time, the wool develops a patina that helps maintain color and texture. The combination of how the sheep are raised and proper aging of the wool adds years of life to your carpets. Wool is also naturally stain resistant, so adding additional anti-soil agents are unnecessary enhancing long-term sustainability.

In addition, silk is also a very popular material in products not only because of its luxury appeal, but also its durability. Silk is created from the remaining cocoons left behind from silkworms. These threads are then harvested and spun together for commercial use. The process of collecting silk is achieved in a very low waste operation. This practice of manufacturing silk results in it being a sustainable fiber, and thus not polluting the environment.

Not only are the materials that we use environmentally friendly, but also how we recycle them. A zero waste philosophy is a new way of thinking about how we dispose of resources. Ultimately, the objective of this structure is to make sure trash is not sent to landfills or the ocean. At Scott Group Studio, we have started implementing some of these practices. All of our excess materials are recycled to employees, local vendors and our charity organization of choice – ACT (Artists Creating Together).

Because of our efforts in reducing our carbon emissions footprint, Scott Group Studio has earned the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) prestigious Green Label Plus qualification for indoor air quality, recognizing our carpets among the very lowest emitting products on the market and meeting the EQ (Indoor Environment Air Quality) standards for LEED certification. This achievement is a standard we want to continue in our efforts to remain being good stewards of the environment.

Dye Process

It would seem logical that natural dyes are safer for the environment or less toxic to humans than chemical dyes. Interestingly enough this is not true, natural dyes require a fixing agent that binds the dye to the fabric. Natural dyes use a substance called mordant, which is used to ensure that the dye “sticks” to the fabric. Synthetic binders are not only more sustainable for a healthy environment, but they are often developed in a way that reduces harmful impacts.

In the dye process for wool, high heat is required to attain quality results. After heating, a cooling stage is required. In efforts to save water, we collect the excess water and reuse it. With proper equipment and processing, synthetic dyes are much safer for the environment and people.


Scott Group Studio’s PWV and Scott Group Custom Carpets brands produce product made in Grand Rapids, MI. This proximity to the customers we ship to limits the carbon emissions impact of shipping. Even the equipment we use to ship product is done with sustainability in mind, as we create our own shipping pallets from previously used materials.

Not only is it our duty as individuals to respect our environment, but also as an organization. Scott Group Studio is dedicated to creating a culture where we can make a positive impact in our communities we serve. For over 50 years, Scott Group Studio has been a good steward of the environment, making our products a very green choice – and we are committed to a continuous improvement approach in all that we do.