Biophilic Pattern Inspiration


Biophilic Pattern Inspiration

Visual connections with nature can positively impact our attitude and overall happiness. If you are unable to get outside, bringing natural elements indoors – whether living plants or through images and patterns of nature – is known to make a positive impact on your health and mental well-being.


Bringing nature inside is part of designing with biophilia, which “arises from the increasing recognition that the human mind and body evolved in a sensorially rich world, one that continues to be critical to people’s health, productivity, emotional, intellectual, and even spiritual wellbeing… Biophilic design is the expression of the inherent human need to affiliate with nature in the design of the built environment.” (Stephen Kellert, et al, in Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life).


Click through the slideshows below for patterns designed with biophilia in mind.

Nawada | H13038

350420 | Tatabanya Increase Fade

W57912 | Fresia II with Silk

W60112 | Valla with Silk


Ventilation, temperature, and humidity are felt through air. Such conditions can be applied through the use of windows and other passive strategies, but most importantly the variation in these elements can promote occupant comfort and productivity.

Swipe for a few air and wind inspired patterns.



WATERWater is multisensory and the connection it gives people when elements are used in a space can decrease stress and increase health, performance, and overall satisfaction.

View more wave inspired patterns.




H11374 | Aella

W75176M | Cenno OT

W77114 | Rillette

350526 | Coastal


Given human evolution and history, people tend to enjoy savannah-like landscapes as they depict spaciousness and an abundance of natural life and are known to increase occupant satisfaction.

Swipe for a few topographical inspired patterns.