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A Collection from Hokanson

The Trace Collection embraces the creative process in all of its chapters and facets. Through an iterative exploration of design and development, the balance of form, color, texture, and function take shape. It’s a process of discovery; the unselfconsciousness of a sketch can be equally inspiring to the cultivated piece and can reflect a spirited and gestural result.

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A Collection from Scott Group Custom Carpets

Motifs found in nature demonstrate some of the most interesting and effortless artistry. The balance of organic symmetry, bookmatched woods, stone markings and animal prints all serve as earthy inspiration for the Fractal Collection. Through a neutrally toned palette, subtle accents, and mirrored pattern lines, Fractal harnesses the beauty of mark formations found in the natural environment.

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Q6 Brook

A Collection from PWV

Handcrafted as the second of six textural series, PWV introduces Q6 – Brook Quickship. With six unique patterns inspired by the essence of a naturally flowing stream, this series focuses on detailed construction, subtle movement and quiet beauty. Brook consists of a complex palette of warm dimensional neutrals and speaks to refined luxury with minimal lead time. Built to size in six short weeks, these patterns are a great fit for the white tail and refurb aviation market.

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A Collection from Scott Group Custom Carpets

Simple, subtle, sophisticated. These are the elements that characterize the Maven Collection. Maven, meaning, “expert,” tells a story of exactly that. Through complex constructions and dimensional patterns, the Maven Collection speaks to an appreciation for the understated but superbly-made craft.

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Color Pairing | Blush + Teal

Whether you are looking for a bold staple piece or soft subtle colorway to tie your scheme together, this color pairing can do both. Mixing blush with darker teal hues can create a major statement in a room with more tonal wall and/or furniture colors. However, if you are looking for something more tonal, mixing a pale teal similar to the tone of the blush will blend well together to create a more harmonious scheme. Which do you prefer?


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