Custom Rugs

How can I purchase from Scott Group Studio

As a Design Trade partner you have access to any one of our six showrooms located in design centers throughout the US. Your local sales representative will guide you through our process capably and professionally.

Do your carpets and rugs come with a warranty?

Scott Group Studio warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects up to one (1) year from delivery.

Rug Care & Maintenance

What type of vacuum do you recommend to maintain my rug?

While we do not recommend a specific brand it is important to use a vacuum that has a brush roller with a soft bristle brush and an adjustment for suction level. This is important as more delicate fibers such as silk and worsted wool should be vacuumed on the lowest suction setting. Vacuuming your Scott Group Studio carpet or rug regularly is the most important preventative maintenance you can do to prolong the life of your bespoke Scott Group Studio product.

How often should I professionally clean your products?

Restorative, professional cleaning may be recommended every 12 months. Allowing carpets and rugs to become excessively soiled will not only detract from the overall appearance but will make future cleaning processes more difficult and potentially shorten the life of the carpet. It is important to contract with a professional that is well versed in the cleaning of custom wool and silk carpets and rugs and meets “Wool Safe” requirements. Please refer to our maintenance section on our website for further, detailed instructions.

What is the best method for spot cleaning your carpets?

Promptly attend to the spill by blotting (never rubbing) with a clean, white cloth or towel to remove as much of the spill as possible. Scott Group Studio has a spot cleaning kit it can provide for a nominal fee. Please reach out to your sales representative, contact the mill directly or order from our website. Please refer to our maintenance section on our website for further, detailed instructions.

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