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Natural fibers for a reason

Long-lasting and renewable, wool is one of the most ecological fibers in the world. It’s also easier to maintain than most people think. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool releases dirt readily to a vacuum, it’s flame-resistant, and it stands up to years of use.

Caring for your carpets and rugs

To keep your carpet or rug looking its best, we recommend the following guidelines below. If you still have a question about removing stains or other issues, please contact our customer service department, we’d be happy to help.


Vacuuming is key to keeping your carpet clean and beautiful. For best results:

  • Vacuum your carpets at least once a week.
  • Clean high-traffic areas, such as hallways, stairs and doorways, and rooms where pets spend time more often.
  • Remove loose soil before it penetrates in carpet pile.

For aircraft interior carpet care, vacuum after all flights using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush. For all carpets containing silk, use a soft bristle rotating brush on low suction only. We recommend choosing a vacuum cleaner that meets CRI Green Label Standards. See for models that meet these specifications.

Use of Mats

Use walk-off mats with non-rubber backing at all entrances to absorb soil and moisture. Mats should be cleaned on regular basis so they don’t become sources of soil themselves, especially during inclement weather.


Remove spills immediately. Time is of the essence in effective spot removal. The technique depends on the type of spill.

Wet Spill

Wet the spot with cold water and blot it with a white cotton towel. Always blot by pressing downward. Never rub in a circular motion; this can spread the stain. Wring out the towel to remove moisture and blot again. After lifting as much of the spot as possible, place a stack of clean, white towels over it. Place a weight on the towels overnight so they press firmly against the spot.

Dry Spill

Scoop up the spill immediately. Vacuum the excess material or scrape dried soil with the blunt edge of a spoon. Always work from the outer edge of the spot toward the center.

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