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Masterful Craftsmanship
Worthy Materials

Our clients pay remarkably close attention to detail. They appreciate texture and marvel at the hand of the materials we use as well as the quality of our craftsmanship. They welcome the nuance that our rugs and carpets bring to their exceptional designs. This delights us to no end and drives us to continue to better ourselves and our offerings.

Scott-Group-Studio-Rugs-Craftsmanship-Hand-Tufted-Process Scott-Group-Studio-Rugs-Craftsmanship-Hand-Tufted-Process

Nature's Most
Perfect Materials



The softest and warmest of fabrics, cashmere is exactly the kind of everyday indulgence we advocate for. Made from the downy undercoat of the cashmere goat, this delightful fiber adds a marked softness underfoot — perfect for spaces where you’re bound to be barefoot. When combined with New Zealand wool this is an unbeatable blend.



We’re not bashful about our love of wool. We proudly work with the finest New Zealand wool because we understand the value that its unique properties bring to our rugs and carpets. This versatile fiber —  offers beauty, warmth, durability and cleanability.  Wools unique fiber structure makes it soft and springy to the touch, a natural insulator, and inherently fire and stain resistant. All of these factors means that wool rugs maintain their look longer — so your clients will think of you fondly with every step.



Silk rugs have been sought-after for thousands of years. Derived from the cocoons of mulberry-fed silkworms, this luxurious fiber is as strong as it is beautiful. Working with silk is not for the novice; our experienced and talented team understands how to harness the beauty and power of natural silk. Offering incomparable natural sheen,  ethereal lightness and unmatched comfort, silk rugs and silk accents are the natural choice when you are looking to make a statement.