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Scott Group StudioA Trusted Design Trade
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Making beautiful rugs and carpets is in our DNA. For over 54 years, Scott Group Studio has been a partner to the world’s top designers and architects delivering the highest quality rugs and carpets Every advancement we’ve made and continue to pursue is in service to the craft, our clients, and our people. Our rugs and carpets are made from the finest natural materials and are designed to be heirlooms that will withstand the test of time. Welcome to the family.

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As Sales Executives, our constant internal communication gives us the confidence to cater to our customer’s requests.

Haley Skinner, Aviation Account Executive

People Are
the future of Design

Scott Group Studio is made up of over 200 uniquely talented individuals from different beginnings, backgrounds and upbringings, each of whom brings a unique perspective to our team. Our collaborative culture creates an environment that celebrates teamwork while enabling individuals to thrive. Professional growth is not only possible, it is supported and encouraged. This mindset has allowed us to build a dedicated team of employees who are as invested in the future of our company as we are in the future of design.

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Our Foundation
Is Our Future

Our award-winning designs have  graced the floors of luxury homes, private jets, corporations, luxury boutiques, decorated embassies and the White House. We have a history of partnering with many of AD100 interior designers. Our longstanding relationship with giants of the American aircraft industry is a testament to our reputation for on-time delivery, quality and comprehensive design capabilities. Each of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the forward-thinking mindset of our leadership team.