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June 21st, 2021


The Art of Custom Craftsmanship | Design Process

Have an artistic idea for your client’s custom rug? Our custom design process is easier than one might think.

Sample/order request is submitted.

Design development begins. In this stage, you’ll review and approve artwork developed based on your concept along with samples of the product to ensure you’re getting what you’ve envisioned.

Our team goes to work on your handmade, custom design.

Easy, right? Here’s more behind-the-scenes detail on how our team works hard to keep this collaborative process effortless and seamless for you.

Once a sample or order request is placed by your Account Executive our design director will assign a member of our design team to the project. We employ a team of 10 designers here in Grand Rapids, MI experienced in working with the requirements, complexity and demands of a wide variety of custom projects – from various aircraft to multi-piece and multi-layer templates.

As a collaborative team, your assigned designer will work hand and hand with you, our customer service representatives and your account executive to gather all the details for the design request.

In the hands of our skilled designers, your carpet design is sketched and computer drafted in CAD before being sent along to you for a first round of approval.


There are several design considerations in building your custom rug.

Here are a few:

  • PATTERN CONSTRUCTION There are many aspects to the design and construction of a pattern to be considered by the design team in order to achieve desired results.
  • STITCH RATE 1-2 produces small tight loop, larger stitch rate are produced faster and result in a slightly larger stitch
  • BLENDING COLORS in our moresque or striae techniques
    • Moresque: To create different effects of color, multiple colors of yarns can be moresque (or twisted) together on a machine and put on one cone to create a uniform blend of colors in a pattern.
    • Striae: Yarns that are striaed together are fed through the tufting gun from separate cones of yarn to create a random linear striation of colors.
  • ORDER PLACEMENT – PRODUCTION SKETCH Once a sample design has been approved and the order has been placed, we develop a production sketch. The production sketch shows the carpet dimensions, tuft direction and any other pertinent details to be verified and approved by the customer prior to the start of production.
Scott-Group-Studio-Rugs-Blog-Discover-Our-Craft-Design-W61460 - Striae Loop

We know the right color is critical as well.

During our interview process, designers are tested using the Munsell Hue system (which you may be familiar with if you have attended our CEU, “Chemistry of Color”) and their high yielding scores lead to the most discerning color experts. You can check the color test out on X-rite or Munsell’s website. In the test, the first and last color chips are fixed. 24 discs drop the colors in each row to be arranged in order by hue color.

To accurately assess color, we look at materials under the light source that represents where the carpet will be finally installed. To accomplish this, we require that a light source be included with every sample and order request to ensure accurate color matching.

Scott Group has over 14,000 different colors in inventory that we use to create samples and if you still can’t find what you are looking for our expert dye technicians along with designers will work with you to create a custom color that fits perfectly for your project.

Learn more about our Custom Dye process in the weeks to come!